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Frequently asked questions

During the purchase, which document will be provided?
  • The deed of sale;
  • The sailing licence;
  • The invoices for maintenance or repairs;
  • The instructions for using the equipment on board.
In case of sale, who pays for the transport of the boat?

Once you have made your purchase, you can arrange transport or delivery of the boat directly with our staff. Contact us and we will offer you all the necessary assistance.

Can i try a boat before the purchase?

Yes, sure. View the contact page for info and/or apointments. Our staff will be happy to provide you precise answers and customized solutions.

Is insurance required?

According to current legislation, insurance is compulsory for all motorised watercraft, regardless of power or size.

When you buy a boat, what are the step to follow?

Buying a boat requires a few basic steps:

  • Establish the budget and the model that best suits your needs;
  • Visit the rib;
  • Taking a navigation test;
  • Preparing the contract and all the necessary documents;
  • Signing an insurance contract.
How can I obtain specific technical information about my engine?

A complete sheet with all the necessary references is available in the Models section.