Our Mission

The goal of “Noah Battelli” is to adapt to that particular way of designing inflatable boats, which means researching new balances.The mix of technical knowledge, intuition, craftsmanship and imagination must be translated into products that reflect the way we live with them and appreciate their practicality and safety over time.


We customise your inflatable boat with a wide range of accessories, roll bars, non-slip swim platforms, pamca bow thruster, stern platforms with built-in swim ladder, awnings, formers, benches etc.


Noah Battelli lists all the material used during the building to underline the quality and the professionality which marks the brand.


Fuel vapours aspirator

Fibreglass lamination

Fibreglass lamination, which exceeds R.I.NA guidelines and results in increased weight, strength and safety

Fuel tank system

EC-compliant fuel system

Fuel tank

R.I.NA approved fuel tank made of polyethylene, free of welds and corrosion

Fuel valve

Fuel shut-off valve


Rubberized fabric "Orca" 1670 Pennel & Flipo dtex (guaranteed 3 years)


Sistema fireport


Handrail 316 stainless steel

Our ADVICES for the navigation

Here are some rules of fundamental caution
Check that you always have the mandatory safety equipment, and that it is up-to-date and efficient
Check the efficiency of navigation equipment, especially radio communication equipment
Check the marine weather forecast for the navigation area
When determining whether there is a risk of boarding, remember that if there is any doubt the risk must be deemed to exist, as stated in the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1972, better known as COLREG 72. Maintain a safe speed so that you can manoeuvre and stop the boat within a distance appropriate to the circumstances and the visibility and traffic conditions at the time, and so that you can facilitate the manoeuvre of others.
When entering and exiting ports the basic rules are:
• keep to starboard; then exit slowly under the green light and enter under the red one
• do not cross course with ships, which must follow the entry and exit tracks and may not reduce speed otherwise they will no longer be able to manoeuvre
Pay attention to the ships' sound signals:
• one short sound, means: I am turning to starboard;
• two short blasts means: I am turning to port;
• three short sounds means: I'm going backwards with the cars;
• five short sounds means: I do not understand your manoeuvre.
Moderate your speed, particularly in inshore waters

Our Clients